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About Scabib

About Scabib

Inspired by my 6 month old son/model who was teething and drooling like crazy and is always wearing bib. HIs ugly wet bibs were all I noticed and ruined every nice outfit he wore. I wanted to make him something much cooler.

I came up with a design fashioned after the flowy scarf trend, but with practical bib usage. I named it "Scabib" ™ - scarf + bib.

Super stylish handmade baby bib/scarf that looks so much better than your typical bib.

It's great for babies that are teething and need to wear a bib 24/7. Also just great as a quick scarf and accessory for older kids to throw on.

Your child will look chic, trendy and modern in a a snap while teething, drooling or just whenever! Breathable fabric that is great during cold or warm weather. Easily wraps around child's neck and quickly attaches with velco. Could also be worn many ways as a scarf or bandana look.


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