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Super stylish all-in-one baby scarf/bib, sca-bib! Looks so much better than your typical bib. It's a scarf that's lined with terry cloth! Scabib can be worn like a scarf or bandana.

Great for teething and for babies that need to wear a bib 24/7.

Equal to 3 standard bibs. Same surface area as 3 bibs!

Breathable fabric that is great during the cold or warm weather.

Easily wraps around child's neck and quickly attaches with velcro.

Recommended for 3 months & up.

Great as a quick scarf and accessory for older kids to throw on.

Please measure if 17 inches is sufficient to fit around child's neck and if 8 inches is long enough.

One size fits all.

Proudly made in the USA.

Scabib logo/label is sewn on the bottom front of all scabibs. Some photos may not show labels.


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