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Navy Geo

Navy Geo

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Super stylish all-in-one baby scarf/bib, sca-bib! Looks so much better than your typical bib. It's a scarf that's lined with terry cloth! Scabib can be worn like a scarf or bandana. Camouflage is very thick and great for cold weather! It's a modern bib!

* Great for teething and for babies that need to wear a bib 24/7.

* Great for messy mealtime!

* Great for spit ups!

* Super absorbent!

* Equal to 3 standard bibs. Same surface area as 3 bibs!

* Longer wear than standard bibs. Maximize every inch of fabric by turning it all the way around.

* Easy to wash.

* Looks better and more stylish than standard bib.

* Can be worn like a scarf or bandana.

* Great as a quick scarf and accessory for older kids to throw on.

* Keeps them warm!

* Velcro closure 

Your child will look chic, trendy and fashion forward in a snap while teething, drooling or just whenever! Breathable fabric that is great during the cold or warm weather. Easily wraps around child's neck and quickly attaches and detaches with velcro.

Each scabib measures roughly between 18 to 20 inches wide and from 7 to 8 inches long which provides plenty of fabric to catch drool and warmth with a fast and easy velcro closure. Lined with 100% Cotton terry cloth to absorb moisture.

Scabib logo/label is sewn on the bottom front of all scabibs. Some photos may not show labels.

Scabibs get softer after machine wash! Please don't forget to FASTEN EACH END OF VELCRO before washing so they don't get stuck to other articles of clothing.

Approximately for 3 months & up! Please measure if 18 inches is sufficient to fit around child's neck and if 8 inches is long enough. One size fits all. Thank you.

Proudly made in the USA.

Scabib logo/label is sewn on the bottom front of all scabibs. Some photos may not show labels.


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